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I was born in Switzerland and grew up in Biel, where I studied at the "Schule für Gestaltung" (School of Arts). Although educated in sculpting I later studied Zoology at the University of Berne and completed the study with a MSc degree in Behavioural Ecology (T.C.M Bakker, M. Milinski). I worked for several years as a Zoologist; I am a co-author of several peer-reviewed papers in international scientific journals on the subjects of sticklebacks, mate choice, parental care and evolution (S.B.M. Kraak, T.C.M. Bakker, P.J.B. Hart). When I moved abroad in 1999 (to the UK, and in 2002 to the Netherlands) I decided to take up the arts once more. From figurative and abstract (and their combination) painting on paper and canvas as well as drawing, I arrived at installations (sounds, power point) and video. In my video "Tango from Outerspace?" I asked the question "What does danceable music need to be a tango and what does a tango need to be danceable?". The video features the dancers Moneir & Marieke and contains the previously unpublished music by R. Odriozola. I studied tango dancing with Leroy Cornwall, Natacha Poberaj, Roberto Herrera, Fabian Peralta among others and bandoneon with Dario Polonara, Santiago Cimadevilla and Gabriel Rivano. My love for Argentine Tango and the arts led me to the design of a poster for the documentary film "Tango your Life" by Chan Park. I was involved in more than 20 international Exhibitions (Amsterdam, Leicester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Galway, to name a few places). Since moving to Ireland in 2008, I shifted more and more to writing, resulting in several publications in books and magazines. In 2011 the collection of short stories "Was zum Teufel geht hier vor?" was published by NOEL, Oberhausen and in 2013 the novel "Carlito – Oder ein Fisch gehört ins Wasser, auch wenn es nur ein Aquarium ist" by Horlemann, Berlin. All my texts are written in German.

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